Serve a Mom and Baby this Thanksgiving!  

Family is forever and once mothers and babies leave our program and transition on their own, they move into our aftercare program.  There, we continue to work with them and help meet their immediate needs.  Many of our aftercare mothers are in need of help this Thanksgiving.

Serve a mom and baby this Thanksgiving and bless them by assembling a meal box.

Gather the following items: (serving 2-5 people)

- Frozen Turkey
- Gravy Mix
- Potatoes
- Stuffing
- Something Orange
- Green Beans
- Pie

Deliver the assembled meal box to Mother's Refuge: 3721 Delridge Rd, Independence, MO on Thursday November 18th, 2021 before 5pm.   We will distribute them to our aftercare mothers and their families.

*OR send a $100 donation and we will do the shopping for you! Thank you for your generosity this holiday season!

For further questions, please contact Jessie Morano at