Donations can go 4X farther with this HUGE tax credit. Watch the video below to see how you could possibly reduce or eliminate your MO taxes AND help Mother’s Refuge even more!


For more information from the Missouri Department of Social Services, click here.

KEEP the tax savings OR donate the tax savings…?


Tax Calculator 1

-OR –


If you DONATE the tax savings

This tax credit is HUGE. It’s intended to motivate donors to support MO maternity homes.

Use the donation calculator below to see how much you can give to Mother’s Refuge if you are willing to donate the tax savings you get because you chose to support a MO maternity home. Put in the amount you’d feel comfortable being your actual out of pocket expense and see how much the state of MO adds to that by reducing your taxes to them. It will probably surprise you!


Tax Calculator 2


These charts and calculators are based off a 70% MO tax credit which maxes out at $50,000 for an individual. They also account for 22% federal deduction and 6% state deduction on the amount you donate that is above the rebate amount. All in all, it’s about a 78% tax savings!

Remember, you must actually owe the State of Missouri income taxes in order to utilize the tax credit. Also, remember, we are not tax advisors and we absolutely insist that you make a plan with your tax advisor about the feasibility of you also donating the tax savings to Mother’s Refuge. We know you care about us and our mission, but we also care about you and we only want you to donate what makes sense for you. This tax credit is the largest we’ve ever seen and we definitely hope people take advantage of it. Please send the video, the charts, and the donation calculators to your tax advisor and have them make you a plan that works well for your situation.